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Hot Sales Natural looks 120 Clusters False Eyelash DIY Eye Lash Extension Kit Make Up Segmented Eyelashes

Hot Sales Natural looks 120 Clusters False Eyelash DIY Eye Lash Extension Kit Make Up Segmented Eyelashes

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How to use

First, choose the right false eyelashes for yourself

Firstly, choose the right false eyelashes for your eye shape. This false eyelashes are soft and comfortable, easy to use

Preparing tools and materials

Before applying false eyelashes, prepare the necessary tools and materials. Including: false eyelashes, scissors, tweezers, glue and cotton swabs. Make sure you have all the tools you need.

Clean your eyes

Before applying false eyelashes, make sure your eyes are clean and oil-free. Use a cotton swab to gently wipe away any grease and dirt around your eyes to avoid affecting the fit of the false eyelashes.

Apply glue

Apply the right amount of glue to the stems of the false eyelashes, and be careful not to apply too much, so as not to get the glue into the eyes. After applying the glue, wait a few seconds for the glue to dry a little, so that it is easier to fit the skin of the eye.

False eyelashes

Gently pick up the false eyelashes with tweezers and start applying them from the middle of the eye. Fit the false lashes along the root of the lashes and then extend them towards the head and tail of the eye. After applying, press gently with your finger for a few seconds to make the false eyelashes fit more naturally.

Adjustment and Trimming

After applying the false eyelashes, use tweezers to adjust the curl and length of the eyelashes to make the overall effect more natural. If necessary, you can use scissors to trim the excess part of the false eyelashes to make them blend perfectly with your own eyelashes.

Makeup Removal and Maintenance

When removing make-up, make sure to use a special eye make-up remover to gently remove the false eyelashes. Avoid pulling hard to avoid damage to the eye skin. After removing make-up, you can properly apply eye care products to nourish the eye skin.


Newcally lashes are 100% hand knotted to be more unique and delicate

Wispy 3d lashes with just the right length and volume, will blend in your natural lashes seamlessly.

Feature with flexible thin cotton lash band, super soft and skin friendly, easy and comfortable to wear.

Vegan lashes made from premium synthetic fibers, totally cruelty free, we never hurt any animal

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